Sponsorship of sports via lotteries

The main source of funding for the Olympic movement in Lithuania comes from lotteries.

It feels well to know that everyone even remotely related to lotteries supports the activities of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Lithuania and the Olympic movement in general. All Olifėja staff and sellers of lottery tickets in Lithuania know that their work contributes to Olympic sport and victories. We are confident that people who buy tickets and participate in lotteries also know and understand that.

The Republic of Lithuania Law on Lotteries stipulates that “Lottery operators shall allocate 8 percent of the face value of all tickets distributed in a lottery for charitable or sponsorship purposes“. Olifėja makes sure that 8% of every euro spent on a lottery ticket goes directly to sports. This way, all lottery participants players of the company are engaged in sports sponsorship.

In its 27 years of operation Olifėja has allocated EUR 90 million of support to the NOC of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure established by laws; in addition, it also allocates some of its profit for various sports initiatives and organisations.

The majority shareholder of Olifėja is the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Lithuania, an independent, non-profit making public organisation which is a member of the global Olympic movement. To properly prepare the Olympic sportsmen for the games and represent Lithuania, the NOC of Lithuania has to dedicate not only the share of support which is prescribed by law but also most of the company’s profit.

Lithuania is a member of the international sports community and follows the rules of the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Committee. This document sets forth very clear obligations: national Olympic committees must be free from any pressure and retain their autonomy – to act independently of political, legal, religious or economic influences which might hinder the implementation of the Charter’s provisions.

Therefore, to fund the Olympic movement, the NOC of Lithuania set up Olifėja, and the state anchored the sponsorship of sports via lotteries by legislating accordingly.

Funds from lotteries are the main source of funding of the Olympic sportsperson’s preparation and participation in the Olympic games. Scholarships are paid to members of the Olympic team and their substitutes; Olympic education activities are supported.

In 2019, the funds of the NOC of Lithuania from lotteries amounted to EUR 10.5 million, in 2018 – 8.45 million, in 2017 – EUR 7.8 million.